How to fold the pieces (triangles) for 3D origami size 1/32

A lot of people want to know how to make pieces of paper. It’s easy.

Take one sheet of paper for printer. If you live in North America you can use format “Letter”. Or you can use paper’s format “A4”.

Place the sheet with the long side facing up and bend it in half.

Cut it.

Fold the rectangles together.

Fold it in half.

And cut.

Now we have four rectangles.

Repeat steps.

Make 32 rectangles.

Take one rectangle.

Fold it in half.

Again fold it in half.

Straighten and bend the corners.

Again fold the corners.

Fold the bottom.

Fold in half.

For more information, see our video How to make pieces (triangles) 3D Origami for beginners DIY .

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